Traditional French Cuisine for Culinary Travelers

Traditional French Cuisine for Culinary Travelers

There are many dishes that are considered a part of French national delicacies today. There are 3 courses in Traditional French cuisine. Named, introductory course, plat principal (foremost course), fromage (cheese course) or dessert, from time to time with a salad offered earlier than the cheese or dessert. This article is about the Traditional French Cuisine for Culinary Travelers who are planning to have a delicious French meal.

Traditional French Cuisine
World famous French Fries

Traditional French Haute Cuisine

Literally meaning ‘high cooking’, haute cuisine was introduced to the fore in France in 1900. A chef called Georges Auguste Escoffier made this great invention. His book ‘Le Guide Culinaire’ originally describes the recipe. Some stunning restaurants like ‘Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée’ in Paris and ‘Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge’ in Dijon offer you a decent traditional French cuisine. Make sure you place a respectable travel budget for meals alone. Gourmet delicacies do not come cheap but for some tasty done French classics. Duck a l’Orange or a smooth Steak Diane are common.

Regional Cooking

– Paris

Aside from the lip-smacking, garlicky joy this is escargot (snails) smothered in garlic and butter. Parisian classics they might highly suggest consist of Coquille St. Jacques (a stunning scallop and cream dish referencing the Pilgrimage of St James) and Steak Tartare. (minced raw red meat prepared with brandy and Tabasco then crowned with an egg).

– French Riviera

Being right on the azure coast, you’d expect that the dishes of this place might focus mainly on what can be determined below the waves, and you’d be proper. The Bouillabaisse (a soup of fish and saffron) is an absolute classic. however, ensure now not to miss out on a platter of Aïoli Garni (a choice of veggies and seafood to be dunked into garlic eggless mayonnaise).

– Burgundy

The Burgundians, world-famous as a wine region, is all about wine. Their food is hearty, without a doubt drenched in the local beverage and one among the pleasant offerings in all of France. Top alternatives would be Oeufs en Meurette (eggs marinated in red wine), Boeuf Bourguignon ( a succulent pork stew cooked with oodles of vin rouge ) and Cuisses de Grenouille or Frog’s Legs to the Anglo-tongue. (served with a sprint of parsley and tasting someplace among fish and chicken)

– Bordeaux

This area is a border of the Atlantic, however meat is the main day today food item of the locals here. Entrecote À La Bordelaise (a display-stopping gravy of shallots, neighborhood wine, marrow and herbs coating a succulent rib steak), Confit de Canard (duck poached in its very own fat) and the appropriate nearby asparagus are the principle players in this terrific wine-growing vicinity.

Traditional French Cuisine
Mushrooms – Tjena kitchen recipe (beef with mushrooms, chili pepper)


Ex-president Charles de Gaulle once said, “ How can all and sundry be anticipated to govern rustic with 264 varieties of cheese? ”. I’m certain the governor could be thoroughly horrified to find out that today, they are producing around 450 cheese products of France’s favorite dairy product.

French cheeses are cut up into three very wonderful types. Smooth, Blue and Pressed cheeses. Around 40 of them certified by using the ‘Appellation d’origine contrôlée’, as included recipes and proof of their nearby origins.

With its suitable for eating rind, this soft cheese can paintings for both enthusiasts of the greater mature or slight taste, with a flavour that deepens because it ripens. If you like creamy cheese, French Camembert is a must !

In the fromageries of Lourdes, you’ll likely be capable of getting your fingers on one in every of the excellent pressed cheeses within the whole united states. Named Barousse, after the valley from whence it came, this cow’s milk splendor is one for individuals who like their cheese packed full of complexity and edge.

Cousin of the more famed Roquefort, Bleu d’Auvergne comes from a mountainous area within the South of France. It is an absolute winner regardless of its loss of notoriety. Much milder than you’d count on from blue cheese, it is also smooth, salty and unbelievably moreish.

Traditional French Cuisine – Desserts

Traditional French Cuisine
French Macarons

In France, the candy is simply as essential as some other course when taking desserts. Pastries, cakes, sorbets, tarts. You only have to name it, the French do it better.

– Crêpes

As French as a Breton-striped beret, crêpes come in every sort of guise imaginable. But for a actual local experience, get your chops around the Crêpes Suzette – an insanely decadent flambéed insurrection of sugar, butter, citrus and Grand Marnier.

– Macarons

Macarons may not be completely French, but no one does it better. Available in a large number of colours, sizes and flavours, the French macaron is typically lots lighter and sandwiches a cream filling. Basically, heaven in every bite.

– Crème Brulee

Deceptively smooth to make thinking about the glory of this unique dessert. A thick vanilla custard awaits you under a butane -torched hard caramel layer.

– Crêpes

As French as a Breton-striped beret, crêpes come in every sort of guise imaginable. But for an actual local experience, get your chops around the Crêpes Suzette. It is an insanely decadent flambéed insurrection of sugar, butter, citrus and Grand Marnier.

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