Airline to Tel Aviv – The Vegan Capital

Airline to Tel Aviv – The Vegan Capital

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting city in the world. Which is the best place for world class nightlife and tasty food. Because Tel Aviv is one of the best destinations to travel in 2021. It is situated in Israel’s Mediterranean coast and surrounded by white city architectures. 14km along beach is covering the whole western edge of the city. Tel Aviv which is also known as ”city that never sleeps” is a vibrant city for buzzing cultural scene and veg-cuisines. Nightlife in Tel Aviv is considered as one of the best nightlife destinations in the world because of the fully excitement among the people who visit there. If you are planning to choose an Airline to Tel Aviv here is the article that you are searching for.

Tel Aviv’s cultural scene is rich and diverse. It also has a large number of museums and galleries such as Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum of the History of Tel Aviv -Yafo and the Bauhaus Museum. Exploring Tel Aviv is easy because the city is not very big. This city is for walking or biking because of the city has undergone what we call ”green revolution”. 25km of bicycle paths will get where you need to go and cover the view. There are bike rentals and scooters to rent practically on every block of the city.

airline to tel aviv
Cycle tour around the Vegan Capital

Tel Aviv – Markets

One of the best things to do in Tel Aviv is exploring the Outdoor Markets. Carmel Market has the best tourists attraction because of its vibrant energy and charm. Do not forget to check out Sarona market, which offers a culinary adventure in a modern market atmosphere. If you also walk alone the coastal promenade Jaffa’s Shuk Hapishpeshim is another charming market.

On your way back if you are trying to think of the perfect gift to bring back from Israel, Nahalat Binyamin is the perfect place to purchase a gift because 95% of the goods are handmade. You can find out unique treasures there. As a foodie traveler, finding an airline to Tel Aviv s not so difficult in 2021. Because there are lots of choices around the globe and spread out.

Tel Aviv – Foods

Tel Aviv is known as the vegan capital of the world. Going meatless is really hard, but if you are it means you’re getting to taste some of the best food in the town. Almost every restaurant in the heart of the town you will be able to find delicious and nutritious vegan options.

Tel Aviv has vegan – friendly restaurants serving different kinds of cuisines. Indian, Ethiopian and Persian are the most popular. Restaurants in Tel Aviv like Dosa Bar, 24 Rupee, Green cat are known for serving food from different cultures. Thanks to the sun kissed climate, high quality fruit and veg is never too far. You can see it in the color, taste it in the flavor and smell it in the aroma of what’s on your plate.

So, if you visit the town you can surely enjoy some of the best dishes. Polenta fries, burgers, shawarma made of soy and mushrooms, malai kofta, palak paneer. Next the best vegan pizza topped with homemade cashew cheese which is perfect with an ice cold Goldstar beer. So all you vegans out there, the next time you are looking for a destination where you can get to taste some amazing food then Tel Aviv is definitely abode.

Street foods – Tel Avie

Tel Aviv – Night Life

Tel Aviv is a 24 hour city and many bars and clubs can be found around. People usually don’t leave the houses before 10pm. So that the bars generally get busy at midnight and happening. I think because of the hot weather during the day time will persuade citizens to active more during the night. Tel Aviv nightlife is booming with funky beats, internationally renowned DJs and bands that can only truly be appreciated live. Performing Arts Center is home to the acclaimed Israeli Opera and the award-winning Cameri Theatre.

airline to tel aviv

White Night a festival happening once a year is tribute to European culture. This fest is being held in cooperation with the European Union and its member states. White night brings the party to whole new levels. Music, theater performances, folk dancing, dance performances, selections from operas, classical music recitals, jazz ensembles, rock and alternative music concerts. You can enjoy the fest remotely because the city covered with video displays. Meetings with artists and creators and many other colorful things are happening there.

White Night – Tel Aviv 

Not because you are a vegetarian, you should visit this amazing city to sit back and taste, relax and take in the view.

Airline to Tel Aviv

Below is a full list of flights to Tel Aviv from the countries which make up the visitors to Israel. All airline to Tel Aviv are list below.


  • Vienna – Austrian Airlines, BlueBird, El Al, Wizz Air, Laudamotion


  • Yerevan – Air Armenia


  • Brussels – Brussels Airlines, El Al


  • Sao Paulo – LATAM Chile


  • Sofia – Bulgaria Air, El Al, WizzAir, Ryanair
  • Varna – WizzAir


  • Montreal – Air Canada (summer only)
  • Toronto – Air Canada, El Al
  • Via Europe – Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Austrian Airlines, and Swiss Air


  • Santiago de Chile – LATAM Chile


  • Beijing – El Al, Hainan Airlines
  • Shenzhen – Hainan Airlines
  • Guangzhou – China Southern Airlines
  • Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific, El Al
  • Shanghai – Hainan Airlines
  • Chengdu -Sichuan Airlines


  • Larnaca – Aegean Airlines, Arkia, Cyprus Air, El Al, Israir, TUS Air
  • Paphos – Ryanair, TUS Air

Czech Republic

  • Prague – El Al, Smartwings


  • Copenhagen – Norwegian


  • Helsinki – Finnair, Norwegian


  • Paris – Air France, Arkia, ASL, easyJet, El Al, Transavia,
  • Lyon – Transavia, easyJet
  • Bordeaux – easyJet
  • Marseille – El Al
  • Nantes – Transavia, easyJet
  • Nice – Air France (seasonal), El Al-SunDor, Israir, easyJet
  • Toulouse – Easyjet


  • Baden-Baden – Ryanair
  • Berlin – BlueBird, easyJet, El Al, Ryanair
  • Frankfurt – El Al, Lufthansa
  • Memmingen – Ryanair
  • Munich – Arkia, El Al, Israir (seasonal), Lufthansa


  • Athens – Aegean Airlines, Alitalia, El Al, Ryanair
  • Thessaloniki – Aegean Airlines, Ryanair
  • Seasonal and charter flights are available from many of the Greek Islands


  • Budapest – BlueBird, El Al, Wizz Air, RyanAir
  • Debrecen – WizzAir


  • Mumbai – El Al
  • New Delhi – Air India


  • Bologna – Ryanair
  • Rome – Alitalia, BlueBird, El Al, Norwegian, Ryanair and Vueling
  • Milan – easyJet, El Al, Ryanair, Alitalia, Wizz Air (from October 2020)
  • Florence – Vueling (summer only)
  • Naples – easyJet (Winter only)
  • Venice – El Al and easyJet (Winter only)
  • Verona – El Al


  • Tokyo – El Al (from March 2021)


  • Riga – Air Baltic and WizzAir


  • Kaunas – Ryanair
  • Vilnius  – WizzAir


  • Amsterdam – easyJet, El Al, KLM and Transavia
  • Eindhoven – Transavia


  • Oslo – Norwegian


  • Gdansk – LOT, Ryanair
  • Katowice – Wizz Air
  • Krakow – Ryanair, Sun DOr (El Al), LOT and WizzAir
  • Lublin – LOT,
  • Poznan – LOT, Ryanair
  • Rzeszow – LOT
  • Warsaw – El Al, LOT, Wizz Air
  • Wroclaw – LOT, Ryanair


  • Lisbon – El Al, TAP Air Portugal


  • Bucharest – BlueAir, BlueBird, El Al, Tarom, Wizz Air and Ryanair
  • Cluj – BlueAir, WizzAir
  • Craiova – WizzAir
  • Iasi – Tarom, WizzAir
  • Sibiu – WizzAir
  • Timisoara – WizzAir


  • Kigali – RwandAir


  • Air Seychelles


  • Bratislava – Smartwings (seasonally)

South Africa

  • Johannesburg – El Al


  • Barcelona – Air Europa (seasonally) El Al and Vueling
  • Madrid – Air Europa, El Al, Iberia
  • Malaga – Air Europe, El Al Sun-Dor

Sri Lanka

  • Colombo – SriLankan, Emirates, El Al, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Austrian


  • Stockholm – Norwegian


  • Geneva – easyJet, El Al
  • Basel – EasyJet
  • Zurich – El Al, Swiss International


  • Bangkok – Arkia, El Al


  • Istanbul – Pegasus, Turkish Airlines
  • Izmir – Turkish Airlines


  • Odessa – Israir

United Arab Emirates

  • Abu Dhabi – Etihad (from March 2021)
  • Dubai – Arkia, Emirates (from 2021), flyDubai and Israir

United Kingdom

  • London – British Airways (Heathrow), EasyJet (Luton, Gatwick, Stansted), El Al (Stansted, Luton and Heathrow), WizzAir (Luton), Virgin Atlantic (Heathrow)
  • Manchester – easyJet, El Al


  • Boston – El Al
  • Dallas-Fort Worth – American Airlines (starts September 2021)
  • Chicago – El Al (starts 2021), United Airlines
  • Los Ángeles – El Al
  • Miami – El Al
  • New York City – American Airlines (starts Summer 2021) Delta (JFK), El Al (JFK and Newark) and United (Newark)
  • San Francisco – United Airlines, El Al
  • Washington – United Airlines
  • Las Vegas – El Al
  • Orlando – El Al

Travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice at for the country they are travelling to.

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