What is Culinary Tourism ?

What is Culinary Tourism ?

A tourist takes meals and snacks while traveling. But they do not care about what they eat. It can be local food or food that they are familiar with. So it doesn’t count as a culinary tourism trip. But if a tourist travels to a destination mainly to experience local food in that destination, then it becomes a culinary tourism trip.

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Culinary Tourism’s main goal is to give travelers a chance to explore the local area and learn about local food trends, cooking techniques, and food history. It has an educational perspective as well. Food creates curiosity and through that, a tourist is encouraged to learn about the culture of a particular cuisine and the locals involved in producing and preparing it as well.

Examples of culinary tourism includes a wide range of activities related to cooking and dining. Dining events, cooking competitions, winery and brewery tours, restaurant tours, tours to food manufacturing plants, conferences with culinary professionals are some of them. But different destinations have their own ways of culinary tourism, not just limited to these activities.

If a person likes french food then he or she can enroll in a cooking class in Paris as a guest. If one loves Italian or Mediterranean food, there are farmhouse cooking vacations where you stay there for some period and learn about their culture and food. Some other destinations offer dining experiences where the tourist is met with local restaurant chefs and let them take part in cooking lessons and seminars.

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With the boom of social media more and more people are seeing pictures and videos of travel-related foods and drinks that make them want to travel to that destination and experience it. Therefore this tourism trend is growing day by day and more and more destinations are adjusting their hospitality businesses to suit this.

Culinary tourism is also called Gastronomy Tourism or Food Tourism. But basically they are all the same with very little differences. According to Technavio Research Report, global culinary tourism market will grow by a CAGR of 9% by 2023. Travel agencies are now adjusting their packages to meet culinary tourism needs. Or else one can search the internet to find culinary tour packages all around the world.

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