Enjoy Some Tasty Sun Tea All The Seasons.

Enjoy Some Tasty Sun Tea All The Seasons.

As you can guess from the name sun tea is usually prepared from the sun. The ingredients required to prepare the recipe are mixed in a jar or a kettle and are kept under the sun for heat absorption. Yes, it takes long hours (for more than 4 hours) or even so. While many people drink this tea for health reasons others like it for its strong taste. Even though the preparation takes a long time, it is worth the time. As we mentioned, this drink does have a strong taste and some health benefits like decreasing the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. So it is definitely worth a try if you are a hard-core tea drinker and you love your variants of tea.

Sun Tea Origin

Sun Tea

For about 3000 years sun tea has been there around. Emperors from ancient China liked to have this tea. After the Chinese, Native Americans improvised this healthy drink. What they did was an experiment with variant tea leaves along with varied spices after which the concept of this recipe had come into being.

The concept has transformed over these years. People began utilizing variant jars and adding varied mixes to fasten the process. However, the key methodology is equivalent to the flavor of your favorite tea. You can drink it either as a normal drink or else herbal medicinal drink which is followed in South East Asia and near to every part of America.

Sun Tea Versions

Sun tea has a list of famous variants. You can choose the flavor you like the most and prepare it. No matter what flavor it is, the quality of the beverage will blow your mind if you prepare it correctly. Here are some famous variants of sun tea that you can give a try.

Sun tea variants


There are variant sun tea flavors you will love for sure. All these flavors are made using the same process but have personalized twists due to the addition of varied items which are as under:

If you want some refreshment then add few mint leaves while preparing the tea. This mixture brews the finest aromatic cup for relaxation. Even at the end, you can add mint leaves after squashing lightly.


We all are aware of this most popular herb from India used mainly to treat cough issues. When you add Tulsi leaves while blending it spreads an aromatic twist in the tea automatically. It makes the aroma bolder and freshens you up after an entire hectic schedule.


The most common item used in the recipe of sun tea is lemon. All you need to do is cut the lemon into small pieces and put it in the kettle with tea. It increases tea’s citric aroma and keeps its taste intact for longer.


This is also among the common addition to the recipe. Apart from taste ginger possesses maximum health benefits that make it high in demand. Ginger even helps people to overcome a headache or cough completely.

Mix Herbs

No marks for guessing that it is a component of blended herbs to prepare this tea. Some good herbs are:

  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon &
  • Bay Leaves

In addition to these, you can experiment with some other herbs. Don’t worry about the taste as it goes with all herbs mostly.

Sun Tea – Important Tips For Preparation

As we already mentioned, the preparation of sun tea is a time taking task and must be done carefully. So here are some important tips that you should consider when preparing this great beverage.

The Types

There are usually three variant recipes of sun tea. Not only the size but also every option possesses a unique aroma. These three include:

i) Cold Brew: Lower in terms of quality as compared to other varieties. It is known for not being as strong as its matching parts.

ii) Bags: As the name implies you will find the mix in several tea bags. It possesses a midline aroma and is more refreshing compared to cold brew.

ii) Loose: You will love to have a cup of tea with loose leaves. This flavor is mostly liked by the enthusiasts of tea for being large and consists of enriched aromas.

Whichever option you choose it is a must to uphold the correct ratio. It should be 6 ounces for 1 cup of water.

Pick Up Appropriate Container

Like choosing the tea you should equally give importance to the container where you will make the tea. There are different options when it comes to jar such as:

  • Glass
  • Plastic &
  • Black Jar

Most people use glass for brewing tea for an easy oxygenation process from the sunlight. Plastic, on the contrary, is not that popular for some reasons like:

  • It does not brew the tea perfectly &
  • It impacts the ultimate taste of your tea

And coming to the black jars those don’t allow the sunlight to pass through so the only method for brewing tea is heated. Yes, heat obviously can fasten the process but if not the right temperature the tea might not brew as you would like to have it.

Keep The Jar Under Sunlight

Finally the last but the most important step is to keep your selected jar (filled with tea and ingredients in water) under the sun. Understand the temperature outside and find a place near the window wherein it can get the maximum amount of sunlight for perfect flavor and quality.

However, keep an eye as more time given for oxygenation can overcook and burn your tea. So simply choose the right window and brew for around 3 & 5 hours. Also, check the time as variant brands have variant timings. So it is always good to choose a particular time before going for the trial and error method.

Sun Tea – The Preparation

Let us see how to make sun tea for your refreshment. The prep time for this recipe is around 3 hours. Before that check out the ingredients here.

Tea Bags4 to 8
WaterAs much as required
Glass Container4 Tea Bags (2-quart container) & 8 Tea Bags (1-gallon container)

1. In the ingredients section the quantity has already been mentioned. So if you have a 2-quart container then add 4 Tea Bags while for a 1-gallon container it should be 8 Tea Bags. Fill the container with water and close it with a cap

2. Place the container somewhere under the sunlight for complete oxygenation for nearly (3 – 5) hours. Move if it is required to but should get full sunlight

3. After the tea has reached its expected level you can remove and keep it inside the refrigerator. Not necessary to remove the tea bags instantly but if you want can do it at once

You should drink the tea as quickly as possible say 1 or 2 days (max to max). For better taste, you can add some herbs to the recipe for sun tea. You can prepare this great beverage and let us know your thoughts here in the comments section. Or if you have already tasted this you can add your comments here so everyone can get a better idea.

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