The Best Wine tourism destination: Paso Robles

The Best Wine tourism destination: Paso Robles

Paso Robles or the Town of El Paso De Robles is a very famous destination for the wine lovers around the Globe. Passo Robles has been the proud owners of world-famous wines and the city is at the top of every list when it comes to the wine tourism destinations around the world. This has remained as one of the greatest wine tourism destinations and there is no other place that can beat Paso Robles’ reputation. According to the reviewers, Paso problems is considered as the Best Wine tourism destination for its great list of products and the activities to do as a traveler.

Paso Robles Wine country is reopening for visitors after a long wait due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So you may be wondering whether it is safe to visit the place in these troubled times. The Authorities claim that they have taken all the necessary safety measures. But your safety is totally up to you. The visitors need to follow the safety guidelines. However, if you choose to visit this wonderful place, the community assures you that you will be welcomed wholeheartedly. So we are able to visit the Best Wine tourism destination in the world and we have to follow the guidelines in order to make the place safer for everyone.


Historically the Salinan Indians inhabited the area before the mission era. They have been considered as the ancestors of the city even though the government has not even legally recognized them as a tribe. Even though there were people living in this area, It was only after the extension of the first railroad that this town got in the picture. This land was a resting place for travelers of Camino Real trail. During this time more settlers came to the town with the extension of the railroad and established cattle ranches, apple. This is the period of the time that inspired the vineyard creations and this was the beginning of it.

The first vineyards in the area were the Padres of the Mission San Miguel and their old fermentation vats that can still be seen in the city. It was only after 1882 that vine was made as a commercial product in the are. This Vinyard belonged to a settler called Andrew York. His success in the business attracted more and more settlers to start the vineyards and that triggered a world-famous vine brand.

In the 1920s the vineyards became more and more popular and even the people from outside the area came in and purchased large portions of the land. This was considered as the golden era of winemaking in the city. The wines made in Pase de Robles went on to win many awards. Finally, that had made the city’s arrival on the world map. Eventually, the people began to come in numbers to see the Best Wine tourism destination and experience how the greatest wines are made.

Famous Wineries in Paso Robles : Best Wine tourism destination

Tablas Creek

Tablas Creek has been at the top of almost every list since its inception in 1989. The winery is located in the Adelaida district west of Paso Robles. The Tablas Cree extends 120 acres. And they annually make 16000 cases of wine. They have many varieties too. But their signature wines are called the Red Esprit de Beaucastel and white Esprit de Beaucastel Blanc. You must try this before anything else if you go there.

They also have a few other famous wines. Côtes de Tablas, Patelin de Tablas, Panoplie, Antithesis, Varietal wines, and Rosé are some of them.


Even though Tablas Creek has been ruling the charts, Giornata is not so far behind and they are mostly based on native Italian grapes. At the time, there was a saying among the Italians that nobody could grow these grapes outside Italy. But a couple from Italy went against the odds and proved that this can be done. The outcome was the world’s finest wines. However, their winemaking style is more Italian than Californian.

There is a tasting facility offered by the owners on their website. You can make a reservation and taste their finest wines.


The Kukkula is one of the youngest members of the Paso Robles Wine Family. Kevin Jussila, the owner of the brand has started this in 1990 buying 2 acres in Topango California. They are a Finnish-American brand. Even though Kukkula is a young member of the wine family, they are not so young in quality. They have a great set of wines and they recently announced that they won the 2020 Wine of the Year in 23rd annual Wines of the year competition. Kukkula’s Aatto – a Counoise-based Rhone blend, has won the award for the world’s best wine in 2018 as well.

The awards speak for the quality of these wines and they are one of the top contenders in the region too. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to visit the vineyards. If you ever happen to be in this region make this as a top priority in your checklist.

Villa Creek

One of our great pleasures is preserving a moment in time in a bottle and enjoying it for years to come. Villa Creek is also an organically farmed vineyard with several sites on the west side of Paso Robles. They are mainly based on grapes too. Their main sources of grapes are Grenach and syrah. Villa Creek started their business in 2002 and they have been a quality brand ever since. They claim that all clusters and grapes are handpicked and double sorted. They also have a biodynamic certified facility.

Visitors to Villa Creek’s tasting room can sample almost all of their products and we recommend you to visit this place too. Look for a wine called Avenger, a Syrah-based blend which they call as their signature brand.


Claude Booker and Dick Booker purchased some land in 1920 in Paso Robles. They went on to own 1200 acres of land which they lent out to the farmers to cultivate the crops and eventually gave to charity before they passed away. The story of Booker Brothers is very famous in the area. Later two people name Eric and Lisa Jensen purchased 100 acres of the property and started a winery in 2001. After doing business with some other people, the Jensens decided to start their own facility. That marked the arrival of Booker Wines. The 2005 Vintage was their first release and it became an instant success for the Jensens

What to do in Paso robles as a gastro traveler?

  • Visit Paso Robles Wineries
  • Craft Beer and Cider Tasting
  • Liquor and Spirit Tasting
  • Check for authentic dishes in the are.
  • Olive Oil tasting

There are many other fun activities in the area as well as having a dip in a Hot Spring and visiting a water park. But it is important to stay focused on our goal as Gastro travelers. The above 5 items are the musts for any foodie who visits the city. Additionally, Paso Robles is a great place for Organic Culinary tourism. Any organic food lover should put this place at the top of their list. We highly recommend you to visit the place for a greater experience filled with fun and historical value.

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