Thai Bus Food Tour – Open for 2021 with Covid19 safety measures

Thai Bus Food Tour – Open for 2021 with Covid19 safety measures

Bangkok is a city full of many tourist attractions. There are temples, monuments, palaces, shopping malls, and many more. But a traveller who wants to explore all these places will have to stay for quite a bit of time in Bangkok. 

Let’s say you are in Bangkok for a business meeting or a short trip. And you get to know about the many places therein Bangkok to visit. But the problem is you don’t have enough time to cover all of those. 

It keeps you thinking, what if there’s a way I can see those places from outside at least? The ‘Thai Bus Food Tour’ exactly gives you this opportunity! 

‘Thai Bus Food Tour’ is one and half hours long bus journey that hops through over 20 attractions in Bangkok all while serving you delicious and authentic Michelin Guide recommended Thai cuisine. But keep in mind! the bus doesn’t stop for you to explore the place and you just get a glance at its beauty through the giant windows of the luxury double decor bus.

Most important Attractions Covered

Thai Bus Food Tour covers 10 of the most famous attractions found in Bangkok.

Hua Lamphong (Bangkok Central Railway Station)

Current Bangkok’s central station. But soon will be moved to a new location and this to become a railway museum. Constructed between 1910 to 1916 by the Dutch and designed by an Italian architect.

Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha)

This 13th-century temple houses an ancient Buddha Statue made of solid gold.

Chinatown Gate

Built to celebrate King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 72’s birthday in 1999. Also called Odean Gate and gateway of Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount)

Temple is on an 80-meter-tall manmade hill and a gold stupa at the top.

Loha Prasat Temple

Another majestic temple with the unique architectural identity of an iron roof made of spires.

Thai Bus Food tour

The Democracy monument

The structure, built to commemorate the 1932 revolution that turned Thailand into a constitutional democracy.

The Grand Palace

The official residence of the Thai king until the 20th Century. Was built in 1782.

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Another famous temple on the bank of the Chao Phraya river.

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

Large Temple complex with a 46m long giant reclining Buddha statue covered in gold leaves.

Giant Swing

A Brahman religious structure that played a central role in annual swing ceremonies for many centuries

Authentic Thai Cuisine Dining Experience

This tour combines sightseeing and Thai dining experience together, perfectly fitted for a tourist who stays only for a short period in Bangkok. You are served with many Thai meals and desserts curated for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or late-night according to the time you select for the tour. There are 4 tours scheduled per day. One during lunchtime, one in the afternoon, the next in the evening, and the last at night. Each one offers a different menu for you to taste. And more especially, they offer two Michelin guide recommended items(soup and main course) in each tour except for the afternoon tour(which offers only desserts and snacks) has only one. Pad thaiYen-ta-fo, Shrimp wanton, Kuay Jub are some of the renowned Thai cuisine served.

And also if you are especially into culinary tourism. There’s nothing like a local dining experience and a sightseeing tour enjoyed together!

note: If you are vegetarian inform them beforehand.

Facilities and the Experience in Thai Bus Food Tour

The two-storey bus is equipped with comfortable and spacious chairs, mobile phone charging facilities, free WiFi and LCD screen at each table. The specifically designed bus has large and clear windows to get a panoramic view of the city.

The friendly and experienced guides provide useful information about the food you eat, the history and the facts about the places you pass by, thus making the experience even more engaging.

Covid19 Safety Measures in Thai Bus Food Tour

For the year 2021 Thai Bus Food Tour has been opened again aligning with covid19 safety measures. Below video explains their safety measures.


This tour has been designed because of three main things. First, for tourists who don’t know what to eat, where to visit or how to experience local culture and cuisine in a big city like Bangkok. Secondly for tourists who don’t have enough time to visit many places as they want. and lastly, for travellers who want to experience a wide variety of authentic Thai cuisine without missing any distinguished Thai food. So if you belong to any of these groups or even not, Thai Bus Food Tour is a definite thing to try in Bangkok.

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