Tomato Throwing Festival Spain: La Tomatina

Tomato Throwing Festival Spain: La Tomatina

Any wish to participate in the “World’s Biggest Food Fight?”. Here is the complete guide to entering into the arena of one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes. On the last Wednesday of August 1945, this world-famous tomato throwing festival Spain came into the screen.

Some youngsters were involved in a fight with tomatoes on the market street. One year later the same gang went to the exact place and fought for fun. Eventually, this event converted into a habit.

Tomato Throwing Festival Spain 2020
Tomato Throwing Festival Spain

Government banned “La tomatina” for several years to prevent unnecessary troubles. With the massive request of the citizens, they granted the permission back in 2002. Later, the Department of Tourism gave an internationally recognized face on the tomato throwing festival. And now it became a success. Worldwide culinaries travel thousands of miles to participate in this event.

The Festival – La Tomatina Spain

Since then this was continuously held on the last Wednesday of August in the village Buñol. Now it is continuing as a part of the Patron saint Festivities over a week. The festival is in honor of the town’s patron saints. Luis Bertran and the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats, a title of the Virgin Mary.

The night before the Tomato throwing festival, the main street of Buñol is decorated and arranged with reddish. Main street is converted into a long dining table. Neighbours are welcoming the visitors all around the globe. Arranged tables are open for everyone. You can meet, have a chat and have a nice dinner with people from different cultural backgrounds, nationalities and religions. It will be a great experience for a traveler.

Tomato Throwing Festival Spain
Tomato Throwing Festival Spain 2019

Tomato Throwing Festival Spain – Tickets

To control the rush and the number of participants visitors have to buy a ticket to enter the event. Only 20000 people are allowed since 2013. If you are lucky enough you can buy tickets from the entrance on that day. 80% of the tickets are sold very quickly even before months. Ticket prices are around 10 euros and it may vary.

Tomato Throwing Festival Spain – Rules

  • Tomato throwing allows only for 1 hour. (11.00am – 12.00am). It begins with a horn sound and ends with another. Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the 2nd horn.
  • Do not bring bottles or any other objects.
  • Do not tear or grab others’ clothes.
  • Squash the tomatoes before you throw them.
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicles.
  • Follow security and staff directions and guidance.
  • Backpacks and bags are not allowed to bring.
  • Take the camera only if the buddy is waterproof.
Tomato Throwing Festival Spain 2020
Snap from Tomato Throwing Festival Spain 2019

Tomato Throwing Festival Spain – Tips

  • If possible grab your tickets early.
  • Do not wear fancy clothes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and pants.
  • Use a goggle, to protect your eyes.
  • It is slippery over the roads, so be careful when you walk along and run.
  • Do not be aggressive during the tomato throwing festival hour.
  • Accommodation around Bunol might be a little bit expensive. You can try Valencia since there is a train facility to the festival from there.
  • Do not bring stuff that you are not allowed to take (see rules).
  • Walk with lightweight and have great fun.

However the NEWS from Spain is not a good for the 2020 festival.

The City Council of Bunol (Valencia) has decided to suspend the Tomatina, its international festival, for "responsibility" and in favor of the "security" of those who participate in it every year in the face of the current health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

2021 is the next hope. Until then you can manage your tour to Spain well. My final advice is not to miss this amazing tomato fight if you plan your trip around August. Cheers..

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