Top 5 Food Travel Destinations for 2021

Top 5 Food Travel Destinations for 2021

Food Travel during covid? Some of you might get amazed that who the hell is going to search for the food travel destinations during this global pandemic. How can we forget about the food in 2021. Are you going to stay home or jump out to taste some unexperienced sense of taste? Choice is yours.

Food travel

While there are so many great locations around the globe that satisfy the craving, some stand out. Some will immediately come to mind, like Italy and Spain. Others you have to search a little for. So we have got the top 5 uncommon food travel destinations for you.

  1. Galway, Ireland
  2. Los Cabos, Mexico
  3. Scotland
  4. Tel Aviv, Israel
  5. Malta

Make sure you tick off the best 5 food travel destinations before you pack your bags.

Galway Ireland

Galway, Ireland

A city at the heart of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, from its incredible castles and some of the most dramatic landscapes, Ireland is an incredible spot to visit. Galway as a 2020 European Capital of Culture packs in an estimated 1,900 arts and culture events. As a shining star in the country’s ever-expanding culinary firmament, food will play a major part. In 2018, Galway was awarded as Ireland’s first European Region of Gastronomy in recognition of its blossoming culinary credentials. If you are planning to visit Ireland, mid year around July you can enjoy Galway International Arts Festival. The 2021 Festival will take place 12-25 July. creative collision of artists, musicians, performers and many other food activities can be experienced there.

11 Best Traditional Irish Foods You Need to Try

  • Irish stew
  • Colcannon and champ
  • Boxty
  • Barmbrack
  • Boiled bacon and cabbage
  • Smoked salmon
  • Coddle
  • Shellfish
  • Soda bread
  • Galway Oysters
  • Cockles and Mussels
Los Cabos - Mexice

Los Cabos, Mexico

This beach-blessed Mexican peninsula has long played host to Hollywood, border with California. This region of pristine beaches will be on the top of the map for British travelers. The Mexican state of Baja California is a long mountainous spine punctuated by deep turquoise bays replete with sea life. This is the place to swim and dive with sea turtles, indulge in the freshest fish tacos and locally brewed beer. Over 150 wineries where tastings and tours often come with fine-dining restaurants. The resorts of Los Cabos have seen a slew of upscale beach hotel openings in recent years, where local food is the focus

Top 7 Mexican Foods in Los Cabos

  • Mexican Chocolate Clam
  • Shrimp and Fish Tacos
  • Smoked Marlin
  • Comida de Pobres
  • Guemes Tamales and Fajados Chicken Tamales
  • Pitahaya
  • Pozole
Food Travel Destination


Part of the United Kingdom. Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain With the Atlantic on our doorstep, fresh mountain waters, fertile soil, lush rolling hills; Scottish cuisine is renowned for its unrivalled quality. The growing crop of food-forward tours and culinary experiences are a huge incentive for travelers who can try foraging for shellfish. Talking of traditional Scottish dishes, one thing that immediately comes to mind is haggis. This is a must-try for anyone visiting Scotland. Do not forget to taste some finest gin & Scottish whisky during your trip to Scotland.

10 Foods to try in Scotland

  • Haggis
  • Scotch Pie
  • Grouse
  • Cullen Skink
  • Cured meat and cheese
  • Porridge
  • Gin & Whisky
  • Shortbread
  • Porridge
  • Scotch Lobster
haggis - Scotland

If you are a plant-based food lover, Tel Aviv has always been a great destination for you. Loaded by vast agricultural land, this seaside city serves up veggies that often travel farm-to-table on the same day. Tel Aviv has been fighting its game to become the world’s self-designated vegan capital armed with vegan shops and cafes. Tel Aviv (Hebrew: תל אביב, Arabic: تل أبيب) is the second largest city in Israel (after Jerusalem) with vegan dishes at the heart of culinary tradition.

Food Travel

What to eat in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Miznon
  • Burekas
  • Krembo
  • Jasmino
  • Hummus
  • Shawarma
  • Shakshuka
  • Schnitzel
  • Falafel with pita bread
  • Challah bread
Malta-Food Travel Destination


Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with 423,000 head count. This tiny holiday island is creating some buzz for its distinctive culinary culture. But there’s still space for visitors with classic dishes ranging from breakfast to dinner. In summer, you can’t avoid the festa. All Maltese towns and villages celebrate their patron saint in style. For over a week they celebrated the feast. Traditional Maltese food is rustic and based on the seasons. Maltese food is influenced by its close proximity to Sicily and North Africa. It still contains its individuality with its own unique twist.

8 Foods to Try in Malta

  • Fenek (Rabbit)
  • Timpana (Baked Macaroni)
  • Bigilla (Bean Paste)
  • Gbejniet (Maltese Cheese)
  • Hobza biz zejt or Ftira (Bread with Oil)
  • Brungiel Mimli (Stuffed Aubergines)
  • Zalzett Tal-Malti (Maltese sausage)
  • Imqaret (Fried Date Pastry)

Travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice at for the country they are travelling to.

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