The Sri Lankan Food culture In different parts of the country

Sri Lanka is a proud nation with a great history. They also have many ethnic groups and many different cultures related to them. The most interesting fact is that they have a variety of authentic food which is very tasty. The Sri Lankan Food culture is second to none. They have a great set of dishes in different parts of the country. They are very famous for their hospitality and their welcoming nature. Many tourists love this little island and many visit it a number of times due to its geographical nature. However, We thought of bringing you another reason to visit this wonderful island which is their FOOD.

Sri Lankans love spice in their food. They often eat their daily meals with a lot of curries which are very spicy. In fact, Sri Lankan Food culture is built around the spices. Rice is the main item on the plate and they normally mix the curries with the rice before eating. That brings a very tasty combination. To experience the real taste of these dishes you need to explore the villages in Sri Lanka. You can’t get the exact taste if you stay in a star hotel and order the food. If you are a real gastro traveler, don’t hesitate to go to the rural areas of the country and take your chances there.

As we mentioned above, they are great people with great welcoming hearts. They will invite you to their house and provide you what you want in most of the cases. But beware of the thieves and the cheaters. These types of people are also there.

Even though this is a very small island the food culture is very different from one place to another. When you move to the south of the island you can taste more spicy dishes with great fish curries. In the south of Sri Lanka, the fishery is the most common earning source. And these people know how to cook their fish.

But If you want to taste the dishes with more and more vegetables in them, you need to travel to the upcountry. Which the middle of Sri Lanka. This is the most famous place among travelers for its biodiversity. The basic source of the people in this part of the country is farming. You will get to taste fresh vegetables and fruits in this part of the country.

If you move to the north side of Sri Lanka you will get to taste food with more Indian Influence. Most of the people who live in this part of the country are Tamils. They cook the Indian dishes with Sri Lankan Influence in It. We plan to bring you the in detail articles about each type of cuisines in Sri Lanka in the next few articles.

Get to know the history of the country before you go there. Their food is bound to their tradition. In most ethnic groups they have interesting stories about their food. Additionally, they have secrets that no chef in the world know about their food. If you are a foodie and want to remake the dish you love in Sri Lanka, don’t forget to ask the details from a villager.

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