Best Mexican Food in Oaxaca

Best Mexican Food in Oaxaca

Mexican food is considered one of the most loved foods in the world. The authenticity in the Mexican food speaks for themselves. You’ll find different specialties depending on the destination. But there are a few items that are insanely tasty and you should try these items if you travel to Mexico. So we thought of bringing you the 5 Best Mexican Food in Oaxaca that you should try if you happen to have a walk in the Mexican streets.

  1. Tacos
    If we talk about Mexican food, Tacos is the name that pops into the head first. The specialty of tacos is that you can wrap almost anything in a tortilla and call it a taco. But there are general things that one should not leave out when making a Taco. You will get a dish full of meat. That is a certainty. If you are an adventurous traveler, there are tongues, brains, and eyes to be requested in the taco. However, it depends on your taste. vegetarians will also find some taco fillings to tempt them, be it mushroom, potato, beans, or cheese. Tacos al pastor are very popular: they’re made with marinated pork cooked on a rotating spit

  2. Sopes and Gorditas
    There is a wide variety of Mexican street foods that are corn-based and made with different fillings and toppings. They are freshly made and cooked on a comal, a big griddle, sometimes wood-fired, sometimes gas powered. A sope is a corn disk that is thicker than a regular tortilla, and usually topped with beans and cheese and possibly other ingredients, and, of course, salsa. In Oaxaca, the same thing is referred to as a “memela.” Similarly, gorditas are also disks made of corn, but they have an ingredient, like beans, cheese or chicharron (pork rind) added in the center of the masa before it goes on the grill, or it is split open like a pita to add ingredients inside

  3. Tostadas
    Tostadas seem to have a huge relationship with tacos. Even both dishes look alike. But when it comes to the taste and ingredients both are very different. You should remember to request the item specifically. If not you will get something else. So before you take the walk in the street make sure you know the terms that are used in the streets. Tostadas are different from tacos because instead of a soft tortilla with fillings inside, it’s a crisp tortilla base that is either fried or baked and then loaded up with a variety of toppings. You can get them with almost any meat, seafood, or cheese combination, or maybe with just some guacamole
  4. Tamales
    Tomales is very popular in the morning or evenings. Even in most of the parties or occasions we can find this delicious treat. tamales are a type of corn dough dumpling that comes in a corn husk or banana leaf wrapper. The word tamal (yes, the singular of tamales is tamal, not the oft-heard “tamale”) comes from the Nahuatl (the language of the Aztecs) word meaning “wrapped.” They usually have a filling which may be mole or salsa with chicken, or sometimes rajas, which is strips of poblano chiles along with some tomato and onion

  5. Quesadillas
    Quesadillas are generally served with melted cheese inside. They can be made with a variety of different cheeses, but one of the most popular is Oaxaca cheese, in Oaxaca called quesillo. If you are a cheese lover I recommend to eat this and you will be amazed.
    Sometimes they can contain some other fillings like mushrooms or squash blossoms. Deep-fried quesadillas may come topped with guacamole or bean paste, and the salsa is usually put on the outside of the tortilla whereas, for quesadillas toasted on the comal, it’s more common to open it up and add salsa before eating

Mexicans do have a great food culture. The real deal is not in a sophisticated hotel or a restaurant. I recommend you to visit the streets and have a look. You will get to know their authentic taste better in there. If you find a good seller you can even ask for more information about the food you eat.

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