The story of Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel.

The story of Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel.

Indian food has been very popular among travelers. Their food has indeed become one of the main reasons that tourists often pick India as a destination on their list. Indian cuisine consists of a regional and traditional variety of food that is authentic to the Indian subcontinent. In this vastly spread food culture, the term Biriyani` stays in our heads for its amazing taste. Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel is one of the oldest restaurants which has built their name across the world for their unique recipe of Biriyani. They have built a reputation over time as India’s best Biriyani servers. Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel can be traced back to 1957. The term “Thalapakatti” has been derived from “Thalapa”(a traditional headdress). Mr. Naidu, who wore the thalapa every day for work got this nickname “Thalapakatti Naidu”. Everyone started to call his hotel ‘Thalapakatti’s Hotel’. Eventually, the crowd started to come in numbers and the rest is history. Even Mr. Naidu himself wouldn’t have expected that his recipe will be one of the highly sought out biriyanis around the world.

Right from the start, Mr. Naidu was very careful about his recipe. He always emphasized on taste and ensured that the Biriyani made at his hotel was both delicious and unique. The amazing mix of few masala products, rice, meat, and the magic of Mr. Naidu’s hands made India’s most famous Biriyani. Thalapakatti Biriyani got this mouthwatering taste only because of the carefully addressed recipe of Mr. Naidu. Even though this story dates back to more than 50 years, the recipe has been passed from one generation to another ensuring the taste remains unchanged

Dindigul is a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The food culture that they have is slightly different from the normal everyday Indian cuisine. There are some rumors that most of the dishes that you get to taste in the city are designed by Mr. Naidu’s wife who was a skillful chef at the time.

Today, Thalapakatti Biriyani By Mr. Naidu has turned out to be a vastly expanded food chain that is very famous in India and all around the world too. In fact, Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant has 28 restaurants in Chennai, more than a dozen others elsewhere in India, and one each in Sri Lanka, France, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States. Sri Lanka has recently opened a new branch in a mall called OneGalleFace mall In Colombo. If you happen to be near one of these places if you are a real passionate Gasto-traveller, visit a Thalapakatti restaurant and order one of the chef’s recommendations.

They also have a few other Indian authentic dishes. But we recommend you to order the Biriyani first and take your chances later. They even offer a sophisticated dining experience for those seeking to explore beyond the ordinary and discover the full potential of the south-Indian dining experience.

Chennai, Dindigul, Bengaluru, Palani, Madurai, Karur, Coimbatore, Bathlagundu, Oddanchatram, Karur, Kanchipuram, Ambur, Namakkal, Thiruchirapalli, Theni, Pondicherry, Dharapuram, Nagercoil, Villupuram, Dubai, Paris,  Sri-Lanka, Malaysia & USA.

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Thalapakatti special mutton Biriyani will only cost you around $5. This dish is served with the sides of onion raita and gravy. Veering off from the usual basmati, this Dindigul biriyani is made with seeraga samba which is known to be low on calories. The most important fact is that every grain of masala in the Biriyani is homemade. The mutton which is cooked perfectly in every layer adds the final color and the taste to the dish. From what we gathered, lemon and curd play a huge role in pulling off these flavors, and so does pepper, giving that full-on zesty smack on your palate.

If you are a real food lover who wants to taste a real Indian authentic dish we recommend trying this and you will not get disappointed. In fact, you will make it a food habit to try this Biriyani whenever you are near one of these restaurants.

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